Transportation and Land Use
These issues have to be considered together.  Our transportation problems largely call for land use solutions.  We need to create walkable, livable neighborhoods around our Metro stations and other transit hubs, with expanded attractive transit options, so our residents won’t have to depend on driving their cars to get everywhere. 

We have seen that people of all ages want to live in places like this, and public engagement across the region has endorsed this vision of “activity hubs” and “transit‐oriented development." Now it’s time to accelerate efforts to make this vision a reality.  If I am reelected, I will become the Chair of the Transportation Planning Board (TPB) for the National Capital Region.  I would like to use that position to put real teeth in our Regional Transportation Priorities Plan that implements this vision.  

I also believe in making our highways work better.  Half of all traffic congestion is caused by “non‐recurring incidents”, from fender benders to disabled vehicles.  Many metropolitan regions in this country do a much better job than we do at clearing these incidents.  I would like to make the TPB a force for adopting many of those best practices right here. 

I have helped make transportation policy for a living for over 30 years.  I chair coalitions on transit, freight transportation and ferries.  I understand federal funding and policies and I know a lot about what works and what doesn’t.  I have used my transportation expertise to help Alexandria and I would like to expand my efforts to our entire region. 

Dan Reed, Creative Commons License

Wayne Hulehan, 2012