Youth and Families
As the father of three teenage daughters, all of whom attend Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS), I am deeply and personally invested in our schools and our City’s programs for our youth.  I was proud to help shepherd our City’s Children and Youth Master Plan to enactment last year.  I care deeply about the special challenges facing young people of all ages. 

We need to focus on our kids from 0 to 3, the most critical years for brain development.  Kids whose minds aren’t stimulated during these years can enter pre‐school hopelessly behind.  I am proud to be a Board Member of Stop Child Abuse Now, which conducts parenting classes to help parents learn about stimulating the minds of their little ones. 

When kids get to school, they need to encounter great teachers working in excellent school settings.  I have led the fight for fair funding for our schools, funding that keeps up with the growing ACPS enrollment.  

They also need to get to and from school safely.  I have worked hard to make it easier and safer for kids to walk and bike to school.  

Our kids need to maintain active lifestyles.  I have spent many hours cheering on my daughters from the sidelines and I was very proud to find a way to fund the synthetic‐surface playing field at Fort Ward Park.  

My wife Beth is the Executive Director of the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria.  I have learned a lot from her about the importance of helping all of our kids get education and training after high school to prepare them for the working world.  We need to strengthen and better coordinate the efforts of our City agencies, ACPS and Alexandria non‐profits to make that happen.  

Wayne Hulehan, 2012